CAMPUS-WIDE Electricity Reduction Week:  March 31 – April 4


We, as a campus, are attempting to limit our electricity usage as much as possible for one week.  We will monitor our success on the entire campus scale, as well as by monitoring individual residence halls.

Dim lights, use natural lighting

Turn off your computer when not in use

Limit use of electronics in general, unplug devices when not in use



Residence Hall Challenge

Try to reduce your electricity consumption as much as possible this week.  The residence hall that reduces their electricity consumption by the greatest percentage as compared to a baseline week earlier in March will win an ICE CREAM SOCIAL!



Campus-wide Challenge

In order to integrate the entire campus into this event we will expect faculty, staff, and the administration to reduce their electricity consumption as well.   Lets strive for at least a 5% reduction!


**Stay tuned for electricity usage updates via email next week to track your progress!**



-Brought to you by the Green Campus Work Group and the Student Sustainability Club





Got a “green” idea to share with Castleton’s green team? Contact Castleton’s Green Campus Initiative at​​



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