GCWG Meeting Notes 04-03-14

Energy Reduction Month Campaign Wrapup:
Next-year hopefully we will have a real-time webpage
We decided on ice cream for the top 2 residence halls (Audet and Morrill), which will run us about $650
Megan will talk to SGA about help funding the social
Event will be held toward the end of April

Earth Day:
April 22 from 1030-230
Student Sustainability Club is overall classified as ‘stoked’
Booths: Bus, GMP, Eff. VT, Casella, Sodexo
Clothing Swap
To go dinner fundraiser for more water straws
Water Relay Race (coordinating with Spartan Adventure Club)
Megan will reserve 1781 and Solarium

Sustainability Club:
Pavegen is already setup in Student Center and ready to go!
13 more water stations are in; Jeffords is now installed!

Ken’s Green Campus Initiative Webpage:
Everyone should check this out! https://campusinitiative.wordpress.com/
Anyone should send ideas, calendar items and updates to Ken

ECO Reps:
We had a conversation about reigniting and reamping this program with more incentives. It would increase our outreach to the residence halls.
4 ECO reps per campus where we have one for each hall area
$500 stipend for participating
Need to look in to institutional funds
Alice agreed to look into other programs and what would fit here


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