9-4-2014 Meeting Minutes

Present: Victoria Angis, Ann Honan, David Ievoli, Alice Mayer, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea, Cate Wielgasz
Sustainability Club – David is working on this. He will outreach to the other students who have expressed interest. It was suggested that he try to recruit some of the paid recyclers and interested FYS students to join the club.
Recycling – Cate reported that the first week was a little challenging. One of the FYS faculty insisted on letting his group eat first, so they got a late start. The other group dispersed after recycling, so they never did the “commitment” project. Cate is going to try to do this first. Victoria will make clear to SOS that if everyone cooperates, recycling should only take one half hour, so groups can eat after recycling.
Eco Reps – We have approval to fund four Eco Reps at $750 for the semester. Alice has developed and will distribute a recruitment flyer. She will also develop an application and training manual. Andy will interview and hire the Eco Reps. Duties include:
-Help coordinate (and participate in) recycling on Wednesdays in their designated campus locations
-Inventory of recycling bins in designated campus locations
-Assess the recycling practices in your designated campus locations
-Work with the other Eco-Reps to plan and implement one green program per semester
-Work with Community Advisors to publicize green campaigns/events facilitated by the Green Campus Working Group and Sustainability Club (several a year)
-Host a series of informal educational meetings with residents to discuss things students can do to be green
-Liaison between students and our working group for student needs/ideas related to sustainability

Green Campus Initiative at Orientation – On Saturday morning of Orientation, 24 FYS groups completed 16 hour-long projects around campus. They then attended an interactive presentation by Andy about their Sustainability IQ. Matt Patry organized the projects. He reported a positive response from most students. Some of the projects needed more time and equipment. Some were sorely needed.

Sustainability Day – Based on known conflicts, we agreed to hold Campus Sustainability Day on Tuesday, October 21. Ann is willing to give tours of the rain gardens. She will also contact Casella to find out if they are available and what they might bring to campus that day. Andy is interested in organizing a big work project that day.

Rain Garden – Ann explained that she was able to install (with the help of many) another rain garden on campus. This one is outside Castleton Hall. A sign is on its way. She has money left in her award for another project. She gave a tour to some GCWG members after the meeting.

Metering – Ken will continue this semester to work on integrating our renewable energy sources on campus and making the data available for the public to see. After the webpage calms down a bit we will see how we want to move forward in terms of making information available to folks. Right now we have a page at http://www.castleton.edu/community/sustainability-green-campus-initiatives/ with a link at the bottom to Ken’s site. He will try to get info on the new Jeffords solar array.

Campus Sustainability Projects – We want and expect to be involved in all discussions about renewable energy projects (e.g., solar panels next to Jeffords) and other sustainability projects on campus. Andy will speak with Scott Dikeman about keeping us in the loop.

Future meetings – One or next agenda we will develop plans for Campus Sustainability Day and discuss campaigns for the coming year.

Recruit students for Sustainability Club (David)
Organize recycling Wednesdays differently (Cate)
Find out if the Sustainability Club is interested in working on Campus Sustainability Day (Cate)
Clarify recycling Wednesdays with SOS (Victoria)
Reserve Campus Center for Campus Sustainability ay on October 21 (Victoria)
Clarify Recycling Wednesdays with FYS faculty (Andy)
Talk to Matt Patry about a work project for October 21 (Andy)
Speak with Scott Dikeman about campus sustainability projects (Andy)
Distribute Eco Reps recruitment flyers (Alice)
Develop Eco Rep application (Alice)
Develop Eco Rep training manual (Alice)
Find out if Casella is available on October 21 (Ann)


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