Meeting Agenda 10-2-2014

Present:  Victoria Angis, Scott Dikeman, David Ievoli, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone
Recycling – David reported that recycling without an FYS group this week was not a problem. Four paid and two other recyclers showed up and were able to get everything done.
Sustainability Club – David reported that the club held its second meeting. The vast majority of students are new to the club, and they were impressed by the activities that the club has done in the past.  They cannot volunteer at the Chittenden Dam day like they did last year because it is during our break.  The club meets every Friday at 3 p.m.
Eco Reps – Alice reported that four students have been hired. She has arranged training with them on the Monday and Tuesday after break. On Wednesday they will learn recycling.  She needs to find a time when they can meet with Andy to do HR paperwork.  She is organizing a manual for them.  We briefly discussed the protocol for them to get funding for their programs. Alice will develop a simple form with space for detailed budget request. Proposals should go through Andy prior to being forwarded to Scott for funding approval.
Conference – Alice reported that there will be a conference for Eco Reps at Tufts University on November 15-16.  The registration fee for students s $15 per day. She would like to take our new Eco Reps for one day. She was advised to complete an out-of-state travel request which should be submitted to Andy who will forward to Scott for approval.
Sustainability Day (October 21, 12:30 – 2, Jeffords) – Victoria will check with Ann Honan to see if she has contacted any of the vendors brainstormed at the last meeting. If not, Jake will contact Casella; David will contact the Solar Bus; Scott will contact Same Sun; Victoria will research movies.  David will ask the Club to do a hands-on activity. Ken will set up computer to show real time metering. Victoria will speak with Communications office about publicity.
Web Page – We looked at the Green Campus Initiative web page. Scott reminded us that the audience for the web site is prospective students. We would like to see the following changes:
Slide show of GCI projects and programs;
Photos illustrating Sustainable Facilities page;
Change references to Sustainability Working Group to Green Campus Work Group;
Include link to our sustainability e-mail;
Change wording on bottom of page next to “blog” so that users know they can access dashboard-type data.
Real-Time Metering – Ken reports that this is still a work in progress. Perhaps this needs to be on the Portal so campus constituents can access it easily.
Recycling Bin Inventory – Alice will ask the Eco Reps to inventory the residence halls. Jake will ask the Custodial Supervisor to poll all campus custodians. Jake will make recommendations concerning outdoor receptacles.
Speakers – Scott recommended Bill McKibben.  Everyone agreed to think about speakers. The deadline is December 1 for funding from the Faculty Lecture Series. Soundings is also accepting proposals for 2014-2015.
Soundings – Victoria reported that a documentary about the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra from Paraguay will be a Soundings event on Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m. Location to be determined). We should think about programming around this event and co-sponsoring with Soundings in order to get our name out on campus. For more information g to:
New Ideas – Alice suggests we sponsor an end of the year sway shop/clothing exchange.
Next meeting will be October 16 at 1 p.m. in the Library Media Viewing Room. Agenda items will include water fountain update from Jake.



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