Meeting Agenda Oct 16, 2014

Present: Victoria Angis, Dalton Blackwell, David Ievoli, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea, Rick Wareing, Cate Wielgasz
Ken reports that the meters in two buildings are not working. He is working with Chuck Lavoie to fix this.
Rick and/or Jake will work with Casella to determine the volume of recycling we have processed. We would like to put this data on our energy use web site.

Facilities is finding contaminated materials in the Zero Sort bins. We brainstormed some solutions:
• Have the Eco-Reps do a sorting demonstration like we have done with composting in Huden;
• Make sure that there is always a trash bin next to every Zero-Sort bin;
• Get illustrative labels for the trash bins;
• Advertise the cost of trash removal;
• Inventory trash and recycling bins and request funding for additional units from SGA;
• Ask Fireside to remove trash more often.

Campus Sustainability Day
Alice will set up a trash vs. recycling demonstration.
Dutchess Farms will have a booth.
Victoria will arrange for film(s) to be shown.
Ken will show metering site.
David and the Sustainability Club will have a booth.
Andy will email the campus. Victoria will put information on Portal.

Water Stations
Jake reports that Facilities has six water bottle refilling stations ready to install. When that is complete there will be at least one in every major building on campus. They cost approximately $900 each.
Jake will figure out how many plastic bottles have been saved, and Victoria will organize a contest at Campus Sustainability Day.

Andy briefly shared information about Fuji University Bikes which is a discounted bicycle purchasing or rental program. He will get more information. Victoria will speak with Public Safety about their interest in a bike patrol.

New Business
Apparently there is a new state law regarding idling car engines. Green Mountain College has a policy about this. We should, too, especially for our fleet vehicles.

David asked if fruit trees could be planted along the rail trail that runs behind the library. Rick pointed out that there are apple trees planted beside the Observatory lot. Perhaps the SGA or class officer would like to start a new tradition of planting a fruit tree each year.

Work with Chuck to fix meters (Ken)
Get recycling data from Casella (Rick, Jake)
Work on Campus Sustainability Day (David, Alice, Ken, Jake, Andy, Victoria)
Research bikes (Andy, Victoria)


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