10-30-2014 Meeting Minutes

Present: Victoria Angis, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea, Cate Wielgasz
Jake reported that the Rutland County Solid Waste District is now recycling printer cartridges. Jake will notify custodians and set up an area for them in Facilities. Victoria will notify administrative assistants.
Cate did not report any recycling issues.

One of the Eco-Reps, Zach Howe, hosted an ice cream social in Ellis and talked about recycling.

Andy would like to set up a monthly meeting with the Eco Reps, Cate and Alice. Victoria will attempt a Doodle poll.

Andy will speak with Reilly Granger about her ability to complete her Eco Rep duties and whether or not she will be able to attend the Eco Rep conference at Tufts on November 15 with Alice, Kevin, Cate, and David.

Cate reported that the Sustainability Club has been talking about ways to get their name out. They are also interested in the fruit tree planting project.

Andy would like to have a sustainability-related Soundings speaker. Please bring your speaker ideas to the next meeting.

Andy reported that no one requested money from the Faculty speaker fund for the fall. The spring deadline is December 1.

At least 30 people stopped by Campus Sustainability Day. Perhaps there is a location with higher traffic during N period (Campus Center? Huden?)

We agreed that we would like to pursue an idling policy. Andy will use Green Mountain College’s as a guide and draft a policy for us to review at our next meeting.

Idea: put stickers on every public computer reminding users to “Think twice before you print.”

Ken reported that the Athletic Facility and Campus Center are up and running again. Three buildings (Babcock, Jeffords, Woodruff) need hardware installed to get online. The last estimate was that this would cost $1000 per building. Ken will update this.

Idea: Put plaques on water bottle refilling stations acknowledging SGA’s financial support.

Notify appropriate parties re: toner cartridge recycling (Jake, Victoria)
Send out Doodle Poll for monthly Eco Rep meeting (Victoria)
Chat with Reilly (Andy)
Draft an idling policy (Andy)
Get updated estimate to meter three buildings (Ken)
Thinks about Soundings speakers (everyone)


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