12-2-2014 Meeting Minutes

Present: Victoria Angis, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea
Recycling/Eco Reps
There has been some miscommunication between Catie and the Eco Reps concerning recycling procedures. That has been cleared up. Andy recommends that the Eco Reps job description be more explicit and/or that specific written procedures for recycling be included.

Eco Rep Dalton is planning a program next week. Andy has made it clear to Eco Reps that they need to do a program before the end of the semester.

Administrative assistants have been notified that toner cartridges can now be recycled. They just need to put in a Facilities work order to have the empty cartridges picked up.

Andy will prepare a spreadsheet to use for inventorying interior, common area recycling bins. He will ask the Eco Reps to inventory the residence halls. He will ask members of the GCWG to inventory other buildings.

Alice noted that many of the small, rectangular recycling bins in the suites are missing. She will ask the Area Coordinators to inventory them during Thanksgiving or Christmas closing. Jake will talk to Casella about cost of replacement bins.

Tufts Conference
As of now attendees include Alice, Catie, Reilly, David, and AC Kevin Kareckas. Alice will look for engaging speakers to bring back for our consideration.

Idling Policy
Andy shared draft of Idling policy. He used resources from idlefreevt.org and modeled the policy after those at Green Mountain College and Burlington City. He will send us a cop electronically to proofread. He will draft a cover letter which will include recommendations for implementation including:
• Distribute copy of policy to regular vendors.
• Put reminder labels in every fleet vehicle.
• Add policy to Fleet Safety License training.
• Post signs in front of gym and at Campus Center loading dock.
Trash Can Project
Facilities staff is recommending the following:
• Replace 14 damaged covers for the existing outdoor “pebble stone” refuse containers at a cost of $80 each;
• Purchase four new pebble stone containers for the entrances to the softball and baseball fields and the pavilion at a cost of $766 each;
• Replace 12 green metal outdoor trash cans with new pebble stone containers at a total cost of $11,228.

We agreed that Victoria should submit a request in to the SGA Sustainability funds for the following.

Quantity Item Cost per Est. Shipping Est. Total
16 Lids $80.00 $116.00 $1,396.00
To replace damaged lids on outdoor “pebble stone” refuse containers
4 Pebble Stone outdoor refuse containers $766.00 $391.00 $3,455.00
To add to entrances to baseball and softball fields and pavilion

Total Request $4,851.00
Jake heard a great interview on VPR with two women professors. Andy will contact Mary Beth from Dartmouth to find out her cost and availability. Alice and the Eco Reps will listen for great speakers at the Tufts Conference. At our next meeting we will agree on a speaker and submit a proposal for the 2015-2016 Soundings schedule.

Ken reports that all existing meters are still running. He noted that the solar array at Jeffords (new, small) is generating the same amount of power as the array on the roof of Hoff (older, larger).


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