Meeting Agenda 1-29-15

Present: Victoria Angis, Dalton Blackwell, Kevin Kareckas, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea, Catie Wielgasz
Recycling – Dalton reported that Casella has clarified that all recycling should be loose in the bin, not in bags.
Victoria will invite Ana Alfaro Alexander’s FYS group to volunteer to recycle.
Jake has requested that Paul Derby’s name be removed as Casella contact.
FYS pledges from fall semester have been hung in Campus Center.
We need help with an educational campaign. Jake will contact Casella about what resources they have available.
Perhaps a field trip to Casella’s zero-sort site is in order.

Metering – Ken has figured out how to link charging station data directly to metering web site.

Idling Policy – Signs and stickers have been ordered.
Agreed that an email (with logo) should go out to the community introducing the policy, and a face-to-face meeting should be held to discuss the policy with most appropriate stakeholders. These stakeholders include: Jody Condon, Keith Molinari, Patty Duczeminski, Rob MacFarlane, Diane Saltis, Mac Stine, Lori Phillips.
Form that fleet drivers need to complete should be updated.
We also would like to arrange a photo op with President Wolk officially unveiling the new idling signs.
Soundings proposal has been submitted for Dr. Mary Albert. Cultural Affairs Committee meets on February 23.
Sodexo staff has dates for our meetings.
Victoria sent story ideas to Spartan.
Some vending machines are empty but still plugged in. Jake and Kevin explained that the College is trying to negotiate with a new company to solve this and other vending problems.

Next meeting agenda topics: Metering Competition
Annual Sustainability Report
Send idling cost estimate to Scott (Victoria)
Have new recyclers contact Andy (Paul)
Work on EcoReps campaign (Victoria)
Complete recycling bin inventory (Alice and Kevin)
Submit trash receptacle request to SGA (Victoria)
Contact solar company about snow removal (Ken)
Find out square footage of Hoff solar array (Jake)
Send GreenCorps info to Renee in Career Services and to the Sustainability Club (Andy)
Send FUJI bike info to GCWG to review (Andy)
Share comfort policy with GCWG (Jake)
Calculate cost of heat vs. air conditioning (Scott)
Invite Ana Alexander’s FYS to recycle (Victoria)
Contact Casella about recycling information (Jake)
Set up idling meeting (Victoria)
Get electronic idling logo (Jake)
Update form in fleet vehicles (Jake)
Get idling policy in handbook (Victoria)
Coordinate idling photo op (Victoria)
Draft email to the community about idling (Andy)


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