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Meeting Agenda 1-29-15

Present: Victoria Angis, Dalton Blackwell, Kevin Kareckas, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea, Catie Wielgasz
Recycling – Dalton reported that Casella has clarified that all recycling should be loose in the bin, not in bags.
Victoria will invite Ana Alfaro Alexander’s FYS group to volunteer to recycle.
Jake has requested that Paul Derby’s name be removed as Casella contact.
FYS pledges from fall semester have been hung in Campus Center.
We need help with an educational campaign. Jake will contact Casella about what resources they have available.
Perhaps a field trip to Casella’s zero-sort site is in order.

Metering – Ken has figured out how to link charging station data directly to metering web site.

Idling Policy – Signs and stickers have been ordered.
Agreed that an email (with logo) should go out to the community introducing the policy, and a face-to-face meeting should be held to discuss the policy with most appropriate stakeholders. These stakeholders include: Jody Condon, Keith Molinari, Patty Duczeminski, Rob MacFarlane, Diane Saltis, Mac Stine, Lori Phillips.
Form that fleet drivers need to complete should be updated.
We also would like to arrange a photo op with President Wolk officially unveiling the new idling signs.
Soundings proposal has been submitted for Dr. Mary Albert. Cultural Affairs Committee meets on February 23.
Sodexo staff has dates for our meetings.
Victoria sent story ideas to Spartan.
Some vending machines are empty but still plugged in. Jake and Kevin explained that the College is trying to negotiate with a new company to solve this and other vending problems.

Next meeting agenda topics: Metering Competition
Annual Sustainability Report
Send idling cost estimate to Scott (Victoria)
Have new recyclers contact Andy (Paul)
Work on EcoReps campaign (Victoria)
Complete recycling bin inventory (Alice and Kevin)
Submit trash receptacle request to SGA (Victoria)
Contact solar company about snow removal (Ken)
Find out square footage of Hoff solar array (Jake)
Send GreenCorps info to Renee in Career Services and to the Sustainability Club (Andy)
Send FUJI bike info to GCWG to review (Andy)
Share comfort policy with GCWG (Jake)
Calculate cost of heat vs. air conditioning (Scott)
Invite Ana Alexander’s FYS to recycle (Victoria)
Contact Casella about recycling information (Jake)
Set up idling meeting (Victoria)
Get electronic idling logo (Jake)
Update form in fleet vehicles (Jake)
Get idling policy in handbook (Victoria)
Coordinate idling photo op (Victoria)
Draft email to the community about idling (Andy)


Car Charging Station Test

Tuesday after a snow storm I cleaned off Half of the panels on the charging station.

panel1Then on Wednesday I checked to see if the panels were clear of snow yet.

Panel2As you can see there was not much of a change in one day.

Then I looked at data being collected by both solar systems.

month15On Monday you can see that the snow was blocking the panels from collecting any of the suns rays.

This WeekThis week with Hoff Hall’s Solar system is not collection any of the suns rays.


I’ll see how many days it takes before the snow is off the panels enough to collect again — day 3 has already done by…

12-2-2014 Meeting Minutes

Present: Victoria Angis, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea
Recycling/Eco Reps
There has been some miscommunication between Catie and the Eco Reps concerning recycling procedures. That has been cleared up. Andy recommends that the Eco Reps job description be more explicit and/or that specific written procedures for recycling be included.

Eco Rep Dalton is planning a program next week. Andy has made it clear to Eco Reps that they need to do a program before the end of the semester.

Administrative assistants have been notified that toner cartridges can now be recycled. They just need to put in a Facilities work order to have the empty cartridges picked up.

Andy will prepare a spreadsheet to use for inventorying interior, common area recycling bins. He will ask the Eco Reps to inventory the residence halls. He will ask members of the GCWG to inventory other buildings.

Alice noted that many of the small, rectangular recycling bins in the suites are missing. She will ask the Area Coordinators to inventory them during Thanksgiving or Christmas closing. Jake will talk to Casella about cost of replacement bins.

Tufts Conference
As of now attendees include Alice, Catie, Reilly, David, and AC Kevin Kareckas. Alice will look for engaging speakers to bring back for our consideration.

Idling Policy
Andy shared draft of Idling policy. He used resources from and modeled the policy after those at Green Mountain College and Burlington City. He will send us a cop electronically to proofread. He will draft a cover letter which will include recommendations for implementation including:
• Distribute copy of policy to regular vendors.
• Put reminder labels in every fleet vehicle.
• Add policy to Fleet Safety License training.
• Post signs in front of gym and at Campus Center loading dock.
Trash Can Project
Facilities staff is recommending the following:
• Replace 14 damaged covers for the existing outdoor “pebble stone” refuse containers at a cost of $80 each;
• Purchase four new pebble stone containers for the entrances to the softball and baseball fields and the pavilion at a cost of $766 each;
• Replace 12 green metal outdoor trash cans with new pebble stone containers at a total cost of $11,228.

We agreed that Victoria should submit a request in to the SGA Sustainability funds for the following.

Quantity Item Cost per Est. Shipping Est. Total
16 Lids $80.00 $116.00 $1,396.00
To replace damaged lids on outdoor “pebble stone” refuse containers
4 Pebble Stone outdoor refuse containers $766.00 $391.00 $3,455.00
To add to entrances to baseball and softball fields and pavilion

Total Request $4,851.00
Jake heard a great interview on VPR with two women professors. Andy will contact Mary Beth from Dartmouth to find out her cost and availability. Alice and the Eco Reps will listen for great speakers at the Tufts Conference. At our next meeting we will agree on a speaker and submit a proposal for the 2015-2016 Soundings schedule.

Ken reports that all existing meters are still running. He noted that the solar array at Jeffords (new, small) is generating the same amount of power as the array on the roof of Hoff (older, larger).

10-30-2014 Meeting Minutes

Present: Victoria Angis, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea, Cate Wielgasz
Jake reported that the Rutland County Solid Waste District is now recycling printer cartridges. Jake will notify custodians and set up an area for them in Facilities. Victoria will notify administrative assistants.
Cate did not report any recycling issues.

One of the Eco-Reps, Zach Howe, hosted an ice cream social in Ellis and talked about recycling.

Andy would like to set up a monthly meeting with the Eco Reps, Cate and Alice. Victoria will attempt a Doodle poll.

Andy will speak with Reilly Granger about her ability to complete her Eco Rep duties and whether or not she will be able to attend the Eco Rep conference at Tufts on November 15 with Alice, Kevin, Cate, and David.

Cate reported that the Sustainability Club has been talking about ways to get their name out. They are also interested in the fruit tree planting project.

Andy would like to have a sustainability-related Soundings speaker. Please bring your speaker ideas to the next meeting.

Andy reported that no one requested money from the Faculty speaker fund for the fall. The spring deadline is December 1.

At least 30 people stopped by Campus Sustainability Day. Perhaps there is a location with higher traffic during N period (Campus Center? Huden?)

We agreed that we would like to pursue an idling policy. Andy will use Green Mountain College’s as a guide and draft a policy for us to review at our next meeting.

Idea: put stickers on every public computer reminding users to “Think twice before you print.”

Ken reported that the Athletic Facility and Campus Center are up and running again. Three buildings (Babcock, Jeffords, Woodruff) need hardware installed to get online. The last estimate was that this would cost $1000 per building. Ken will update this.

Idea: Put plaques on water bottle refilling stations acknowledging SGA’s financial support.

Notify appropriate parties re: toner cartridge recycling (Jake, Victoria)
Send out Doodle Poll for monthly Eco Rep meeting (Victoria)
Chat with Reilly (Andy)
Draft an idling policy (Andy)
Get updated estimate to meter three buildings (Ken)
Thinks about Soundings speakers (everyone)

Meeting Agenda Oct 16, 2014

Present: Victoria Angis, Dalton Blackwell, David Ievoli, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone, Andy Vermilyea, Rick Wareing, Cate Wielgasz
Ken reports that the meters in two buildings are not working. He is working with Chuck Lavoie to fix this.
Rick and/or Jake will work with Casella to determine the volume of recycling we have processed. We would like to put this data on our energy use web site.

Facilities is finding contaminated materials in the Zero Sort bins. We brainstormed some solutions:
• Have the Eco-Reps do a sorting demonstration like we have done with composting in Huden;
• Make sure that there is always a trash bin next to every Zero-Sort bin;
• Get illustrative labels for the trash bins;
• Advertise the cost of trash removal;
• Inventory trash and recycling bins and request funding for additional units from SGA;
• Ask Fireside to remove trash more often.

Campus Sustainability Day
Alice will set up a trash vs. recycling demonstration.
Dutchess Farms will have a booth.
Victoria will arrange for film(s) to be shown.
Ken will show metering site.
David and the Sustainability Club will have a booth.
Andy will email the campus. Victoria will put information on Portal.

Water Stations
Jake reports that Facilities has six water bottle refilling stations ready to install. When that is complete there will be at least one in every major building on campus. They cost approximately $900 each.
Jake will figure out how many plastic bottles have been saved, and Victoria will organize a contest at Campus Sustainability Day.

Andy briefly shared information about Fuji University Bikes which is a discounted bicycle purchasing or rental program. He will get more information. Victoria will speak with Public Safety about their interest in a bike patrol.

New Business
Apparently there is a new state law regarding idling car engines. Green Mountain College has a policy about this. We should, too, especially for our fleet vehicles.

David asked if fruit trees could be planted along the rail trail that runs behind the library. Rick pointed out that there are apple trees planted beside the Observatory lot. Perhaps the SGA or class officer would like to start a new tradition of planting a fruit tree each year.

Work with Chuck to fix meters (Ken)
Get recycling data from Casella (Rick, Jake)
Work on Campus Sustainability Day (David, Alice, Ken, Jake, Andy, Victoria)
Research bikes (Andy, Victoria)

Meeting Agenda 10-16-2014

Hello Green Campus Working Group-
Our next meeting will be TODAYish Thursday Oct. 16 from 1-2p in the Library Media Viewing Room.
Recycling Update
Ecorep progress and plans
Water Refill Report – Jake
University Bikes
Sustainability Day – Movie plans, Sustainability Club, vendors, and getting info to the ecoreps
Webpage – Finalize comments for Andy to talk to Katye
Ken Stone Update on Metering
Finalize Speaker recommendations for Andy to put together a proposal for lecture funds
Clothing Exchange Swap (for after Sustainability Day)

Meeting Agenda 10-2-2014

Present:  Victoria Angis, Scott Dikeman, David Ievoli, Alice Mayer, Jake Rick, Ken Stone
Recycling – David reported that recycling without an FYS group this week was not a problem. Four paid and two other recyclers showed up and were able to get everything done.
Sustainability Club – David reported that the club held its second meeting. The vast majority of students are new to the club, and they were impressed by the activities that the club has done in the past.  They cannot volunteer at the Chittenden Dam day like they did last year because it is during our break.  The club meets every Friday at 3 p.m.
Eco Reps – Alice reported that four students have been hired. She has arranged training with them on the Monday and Tuesday after break. On Wednesday they will learn recycling.  She needs to find a time when they can meet with Andy to do HR paperwork.  She is organizing a manual for them.  We briefly discussed the protocol for them to get funding for their programs. Alice will develop a simple form with space for detailed budget request. Proposals should go through Andy prior to being forwarded to Scott for funding approval.
Conference – Alice reported that there will be a conference for Eco Reps at Tufts University on November 15-16.  The registration fee for students s $15 per day. She would like to take our new Eco Reps for one day. She was advised to complete an out-of-state travel request which should be submitted to Andy who will forward to Scott for approval.
Sustainability Day (October 21, 12:30 – 2, Jeffords) – Victoria will check with Ann Honan to see if she has contacted any of the vendors brainstormed at the last meeting. If not, Jake will contact Casella; David will contact the Solar Bus; Scott will contact Same Sun; Victoria will research movies.  David will ask the Club to do a hands-on activity. Ken will set up computer to show real time metering. Victoria will speak with Communications office about publicity.
Web Page – We looked at the Green Campus Initiative web page. Scott reminded us that the audience for the web site is prospective students. We would like to see the following changes:
Slide show of GCI projects and programs;
Photos illustrating Sustainable Facilities page;
Change references to Sustainability Working Group to Green Campus Work Group;
Include link to our sustainability e-mail;
Change wording on bottom of page next to “blog” so that users know they can access dashboard-type data.
Real-Time Metering – Ken reports that this is still a work in progress. Perhaps this needs to be on the Portal so campus constituents can access it easily.
Recycling Bin Inventory – Alice will ask the Eco Reps to inventory the residence halls. Jake will ask the Custodial Supervisor to poll all campus custodians. Jake will make recommendations concerning outdoor receptacles.
Speakers – Scott recommended Bill McKibben.  Everyone agreed to think about speakers. The deadline is December 1 for funding from the Faculty Lecture Series. Soundings is also accepting proposals for 2014-2015.
Soundings – Victoria reported that a documentary about the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra from Paraguay will be a Soundings event on Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m. Location to be determined). We should think about programming around this event and co-sponsoring with Soundings in order to get our name out on campus. For more information g to:
New Ideas – Alice suggests we sponsor an end of the year sway shop/clothing exchange.
Next meeting will be October 16 at 1 p.m. in the Library Media Viewing Room. Agenda items will include water fountain update from Jake.